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Postdoctoral Training Network

Welcome to our University. Here you will find some information about being a postdoc at the Medical University of Vienna and some useful links that will help you to have a good start and orientation at the Medical University of Vienna.

Postdoctoral fellows at the Medical University of Vienna are hired on an individual laboratory basis. In order to facilitate a high-quality training for postdoctoral researchers and to ensure their embedding in a program-like network, IRC is in the process of establishing a postdoctoral training network. The aim is to provide an excellent research & training environment and to prepare participating postdocs for the next career steps.

In brief, the Immunology Research Cluster (IRC) postdoctoral training network will offer the following activities:

Special education & training program for postdocs

  • research training on cutting-edge research projects
  • career development courses (grant writing, project management, etc.)

Career mentoring for postdoctoral fellows

  • to provide advice on career-related issues 
  • organization of career opportunities workshop

Financial support for networking

  • to organize an annual postdoc retreat
  • to invite international seminar speakers
  • to connect with postdocs from other Vienna-based research Institutions

Possibility to apply for a FWF stand-alone project to be performed at the hosting institute/laboratory

  • Talented and successful postdoctoral fellows will be encouraged to apply for a FWF stand-alone project. If funding is obtained, postdoctoral fellows can extend their postdoctoral studies and have the opportunity to continue their research project, to publish additional papers and to broaden their skills with respect to acquiring and managing research grants. This will increase the international competitiveness of postdoctoral fellows for the next career steps.